Computing System Innovations and Julia Landauer Racing Announce Partnership

Charlotte, NC (September 3, 2015) – Julia Landauer Racing is excited to announce its partnership with Computing System Innovations (CSI) for the last race of the NASCAR Limited Late Model series at Motor Mile Speedway on September 12th, 2015. CSI, an Orlando, FL-based technology and software company, is the primary sponsor for the #70 racecar.


“Our company, Computing System Innovations, is based upon innovation. We wanted to announce our Intellidact GPU-accelerated software in a unique way,” said Henry Sal, CEO of CSI. “What better way for our industry-leading, and now lighting-fast, redaction software than by a very smart woman who also happens to be lightning-fast herself. CSI is proud to be a sponsor of Julia Landauer Racing, GO #70!”


Sal, also a graduate of Stuyvesant High School, connected with Landauer earlier this summer. Between Landauer’s STEM education background and CSI’s dedication to creating advanced technologies, it was a natural fit.


“I’m thrilled to have Computing System Innovations, specifically its software product Intellidact, as our primary sponsor for the final race!” Landauer said. “It’s very cool to work with a fellow Stuy alum and it’s also exciting to continue representing the tech sector with an innovative company.”


Landauer has four wins at Motor Mile Speedway in 2015 and is currently leading the points championship. The next and final race will determine the track champion.

The final race will be Tweeted live at approximately 9 pm on Saturday, Sept. 12th. Follow @julialandauer for updates!


More about CSI:

Based in Central Florida’s high-tech corridor, Computing System Innovations (CSI) is ranked by INC Magazine as the 1,560th fastest growing company in America. CSI’s client base includes more than 350 local government offices in 21 states, processing over 6 billion images to date. The company’s flagship product, Intellidact, is a suite of software solutions designed to empower governments, municipalities and private businesses to effectively manage the complexity of identity theft and data privacy in a climate of increased document volumes, as well as regulatory and budget pressures. The most widely-used and highest accuracy redaction / indexing software in the country, Intellidact solutions protect the identities of 1 in 5 people in the United States.

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Photo Credit: NASCAR/Scott Hunter