Work Out Like a Race Car Driver

If you don’t think auto racing is a physically demanding sport, just ask any woman behind the wheel. NASCAR racing is a high-stakes job that requires strength, speed and precision. After all, they’re hustling 3,400-pound machines around a racetrack for hundreds of miles.

To get there, women are not only logging hours in the car but also in the workout room.  What are the secrets to their success?

Let’s ask 24-year old up-and-coming racer, Julia Landauer who started racing go-karts when she was 10 and cars when she was 13. After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Science, Technology, & Society, she moved to Charlotte, NC where she’s pursuing a professional NASCAR racing career.

“Racing is extremely difficult and requires a lot of cardio and strength training so that you can maintain your posture in the car, have the strength to maneuver the car, and the endurance to go on for hours,” says Julia. “To achieve that, racers target three main muscle areas, including all the small stability muscles.”

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