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As the only person to host and compete on @anwnation, @imalexweber knows a lot about storytelling and competition. He joins me on this week’s episode of If I’m Honest, talking about his journey from D1 Lacrosse player to entertainment host and competitor to keynote speaker. 

Rooted in grit, perseverance, diligence, and persistence, Alex explains how he trains for American Ninja Warrior, what he calls “fear training,” and how to minimize fear. We compare American Ninja Warrior obstacles with SURVIVOR obstacles and discuss what it’s like to come off the high of being in the zone for competition or performance. 

Alex also shares how he got involved in keynote speaking, how he prepares and assesses his performance, and shares the fun and creative way he found his style of speaking.

Thank you, Alex, for this awesome and engaging conversation! Listen to Ep. 49 at the link in bio or wherever you get your podcasts!
I ❤️ NY

1. Benefit for @stuyvesanthighschool at @tribecarooftopand360 
2. Elizabeth St.
3. Patriotic @moynihantrainhall 
4. Sound advice
5. @peasantnyc *chef’s kiss*
6. @picture_start helmet art 😍
Thank you @think_hdi for bringing me in to speak with your wonderful people. The room was energetic and engaged and silly (in the best way!). Special shout-out to the guy who wrote a soliloquy of racing puns for me and shared it during the Q&A! It. Was. Awesome! 💥💯🏆
Just throw on the wet weather tires, right? 

Big rain at @nascar All-Star Saturday. The Officials did a great job handling this ~situation~ 🙌🏻
Throwback to my @pitfitinc training days 💪🏻🏆
Do I miss racing? What does a good relationship boil down to? What are the metrics and measures it takes to build a team in NASCAR? What podcasts do I listen to? 

You asked, I answered!

This week’s episode of If I’m Honest with Julia Landauer is an Ask Me Anything, tackling the questions you’ve asked me.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions! Let me know if I missed anything and listen to the full Ep. 47 at the link in bio or wherever you get your podcasts!
Sometimes dealing with adversity can actually enhance team dynamics 💪🏻

It requires clear communication and empathy, but proving that you can unite around a common goal, accentuate each others’ strengths, minimize weaknesses, and encourage everyone ~while~ dealing with challenging circumstances, is a major energy boost!
Many athletes have pre-competition rituals, but why is that? 

In this episode of If I’m Honest, I explore the psychology of pre-competition rituals and why they are so important for performance. I share research from the University of Toronto that explains the effects rituals have on brain activity, I hypothesize what happens if we don’t perform our rituals, and I describe my own pre-race rituals. 

I also reached out to some of my racer friends @katherineracing, @_john.eddy, @zach.herrin, and @rajahcaruth_ to hear their pre-race rituals, which they generously shared via voice recordings. Thank you all for being part of this!

What are your pre-competition rituals? Comment below and listen to Ep. 46 wherever you get your podcasts!