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This might be a little soap-boxy, but I’m fired up after a great keynote this morning 😂:

I never want to be the one to tell myself “no.”

Plenty of other people will be quick to tell us we can’t do something, and plenty of things will get in our way, but we shouldn’t be the ones limiting ourselves. 

Getting started is usually the hardest step. Even if it’s hard, most of us will be able to adapt and problem solve as we go. So if we’re prepared and thorough and thoughtful, we have to believe in ourselves; we have to remind ourselves that we ~will~ rise to the occasion 😎

Good luck in whatever you’re embarking on, I’m rooting for you!
It’s always so cool to share the #STEM side of racing with an audience. I discuss my experiences with everything from the science behind SAFER barriers, to using biometrics in training, to collecting data to tune the car on track 🔧

You can visit julialandauer.com/speaking to learn more 🎤
It’s been a packed and busy two weeks! Professionally, personally, and introspectively / reflectively. 

I’m reminding myself that I’m grateful for what’s going well and what I have control over, and at peace with what I can’t control and is not going the way I want. Sometimes that’s easier said than done though 😬

Hope everyone has a good and restorative weekend!
I never would have guessed that my curiosities about Web3 would lead me to racing in the @nascar @xfinityracing Series. I’m sure glad it it happened though!

In my guest blog post for @shiftupnow I share my personal journey in Web3, how I secured the first NFT sponsorships in NASCAR, & why I’m stoked about the Shift Up Now NFT projects. 

Link in the @shiftupnow bio to read!
After I got into NFTs, I saw huge opportunities for motorsports entities to benefit from Web3.

I'm honored to help @shiftupnow create beautiful & powerful NFT collections, with the proceeds going back to the incredible Shift Up Now athletes, who happen to be awesome women racers 🙌🏻🏁

The public mint for The Racers Collection 1 and The Racecar Collection 1 will be on Tuesday, April 4, 2023! If you like racing, supporting women, pretty 😍 car photos (#BecauseRacecar), please consider supporting this project!

FYI - you can purchase these NFTs with crypto OR credit card, these NFTs are accessible to everyone! Mint price will be ~$250 / the ETH equivalent.

Read the full release at the @shiftupnow link in bio!
NYC was a big mood