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Life Tip: Drink Water!

Good for us, necessary for us, and if you imbibe, saves you the next day!
@badassboz and I talked about how it’s not the absence of fear that makes you great, but rather it’s how you manage fear that makes you great and resilient. 

You can listen to this (and so much more) in Boz’s Ep. 24 of If I’m Honest with Julia Landauer at the link in bio or wherever you get podcasts!
Life Tip: Have a Daily Joyous Activity

Or ritual, or non-negotiable. Something that slows down time, something you do undistracted, and most importantly, something that brings you@joy.

For me it’s picking a cute mug and making a perfect cup of coffee in three quiet of morning hours. Maybe it’s walking to get the mail. Maybe it’s something you read. 

We all need more joy in our lives, and incorporating something that’s guaranteed to bring you joy is a game changer to quality of life 🙌🏻

What’s your little joy moment?
The race track is a great classroom 😂

Thank you @lukeracecars for introducing me to the term “pucker factor.” It perfectly describes those character developing moments that push us to grow.

One big thing that racing taught me is that “scary” ≠ “bad” or “to be avoided.” Instead, embracing fear as part of the process can help give us confidence that we can get through it. 

When in doubt, go for it!
15-minute Iceland recap on the 50th episode of If I’m Honest with Julia Landauer! I’m wrapping up Season 2 with my observations and what I loved, our rough itinerary, and my recommendations. Then I’m sharing my thoughts on what’s next for the podcast. Listen at the link in bio or wherever you get podcasts!

Creating, developing, and growing this podcast has been an incredible and challenging creative endeavor. A lot of thought, planning, creativity, and hard work has gone into recording these weekly episodes, and I’m so grateful to be able to share this narrative journey with you ❤️

CALL TO ACTION for those who want to support: please subscribe to the podcast, follow, rate, and leave a review for If I’m Honest with Julia Landauer wherever you listen to podcasts. It’ll really help out ☺️

Thank you for letting me be honest with you, and I’ll see you for season 3!
Sib Trip 2024 was the best yet ❤️ (even though we didn’t see puffins and I broke out in hives twice 👍🏻)
May filled my cup 🤍
As the only person to host and compete on @anwnation, @imalexweber knows a lot about storytelling and competition. He joins me on this week’s episode of If I’m Honest, talking about his journey from D1 Lacrosse player to entertainment host and competitor to keynote speaker. 

Rooted in grit, perseverance, diligence, and persistence, Alex explains how he trains for American Ninja Warrior, what he calls “fear training,” and how to minimize fear. We compare American Ninja Warrior obstacles with SURVIVOR obstacles and discuss what it’s like to come off the high of being in the zone for competition or performance. 

Alex also shares how he got involved in keynote speaking, how he prepares and assesses his performance, and shares the fun and creative way he found his style of speaking.

Thank you, Alex, for this awesome and engaging conversation! Listen to Ep. 49 at the link in bio or wherever you get your podcasts!