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A 3,400 lb machine hitting the wall is bad news. Luckily, NASCAR, and other racing series, have done a lot to improve safety, as is evidenced by all the spectacular crashes that drivers are able to walk away from 🙌🏻

More on the safety developments on my Daytona 500 episode of If I’m Honest with Julia Landauer.

*to clarify, INDYCAR spearheaded the SAFER barrier initiative, NASCAR worked with them for further developments.
My thoughts on the Daytona 500! 

On this week’s episode of If I’m Honest, I explain how NASCAR’s Super Bowl works, discuss the hype, and describe the incredible sensory overload we experience at the track.

I also dive into the specific racing, some of the storylines, and the technological and safety advancements that have taken place in NASCAR.

Take a listen wherever you listen to podcasts!
A colorful life lesson I learned at the go-kart track 😂 

Racing has taught me so many important things that have translated to my life, which I’ll always be grateful for. 

You can watch my full @ted xStanford talk, called “Can Nice Girls Win (Races)?” on YouTube!
Felt like January lasted forever, meanwhile where’d February go?!
2023 @nascar champion @ryanblaney10 explains what makes driving a Cup car so mentally and physically challenging. We’re heading into the #Daytona500, which will be a particularly grueling and long race 🏁

You can hear Ryan’s full episode of If I’m Honest with Julia Landauer wherever you get podcasts (it’s episode 16)!
@tracychapmanonline and @lukecombs’ entrancing performance of Fast Car at the Grammys was deeply impressive, emotional, and beautiful. I was brought to tears. 

In this episode of If I’m Honest, I discuss the cultural impact of the magnificent resurgence of “Fast Car.” I share how important the song was during my childhood, I share why I was offended that anyone would try to cover it, and I acknowledge that I was wrong to be worried. 

I also touch on some of the undertones I noticed about this resurgence, as well as my appreciation for how Luke Combs has honored Tracy Chapman and her original art. 

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you watch the full Grammy performance on the @recordingacademy’s website!
It continues to be bittersweet when I explain my shift away from driving 🥹 I spoke with the Below the Yellow Line podcast about how I’m thinking about racing, why I felt it was time to move on, and a lot more. Full discussion on their YouTube!
I wish I had learned how to filter feedback earlier. 

A lot of times people may mean well when giving feedback, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily give good advice 🤷🏻‍♀️

I like having a core group of people whose opinions I trust and respect, but it’s also important to think about the source and context of the feedback we receive. 

And as @badassboz said on her episode of If I’m Honest with Julia Landauer: we need to build our own intuition 🙌🏻