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Julia Landauer 0:04 Hello, everybody and welcome back to another episode of if I'm honest with Julia Landauer. Today we have a really fun episode that I've been looking forward to recording for a long time. Because I am joined by Hannah and Zoe who are the hosts of Fan Beahvior: an F1 podcast. I came across their content on social media because they do a really beautiful job of combining f1 commentary with pop culture, commentary and their own personal preferences and ideas. And it was just a lot of fun. So Zoe and Hannah started their f1 show back in January of 2022. After falling in love with a sport thanks to Drive to Survive. (Yes, there are those girlies). On their podcast, they discuss everything from Ferraris race strategy to Pierre Gasly's latest photo dump to Martin Brundle's grid walk. And as new fans who got into the sport through drive to survive, their goal is to learn have fun and provide a safe space for any and all f1 fans. Whether you've watched Formula One for decades, or you're just now getting into the sport, they hope that their show will be for you. And I can attest to the fact that I think they do a great job of making f1 accessible I think it's wonderful that we're seeing more and more women join the f1 content creation space, whether it's podcasting or on social media, it just makes it accessible to more people. And the more people who know about f1, or motorsports or anything in general, you know, the richer the whole experience becomes for everyone else. So I reached out to them via DM because I just really enjoyed consuming their content. And I knew that women as women in the space, we would have a great conversation. We talk about everything from f1 to NASCAR and how the NASCAR documentary series on Netflix called NASCAR: full speed will kind of open the doors for them to learn about new types of motorsport. We also talk about how they built their podcast and how it evolved from a fandom in general podcast to an f1 focused podcast, we talk about our diehard fangirl moments with Taylor Swift and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. And so it's just a really fun, well rounded conversation. And I'm really thankful that Zoe and Hannah joined me, Zoe, and Hannah, thank you so much for joining me on if I'm honest as Julia Landauer Fan Behavior 2:14 Thank you for having us. I'mso excited to be here. It's nice to finally meet you. I feel like we've been friends on social media for a while. So it's good to finally be here. Julia Landauer 2:21 It's it's great to have like a full blown conversation. And I was saying before we recorded that it just warms my heart so much to see really fun engaging and educated female content creators around racing because it is such a new thing to have it be so widespread. So for some quick context on me, so my family watched f1 growing up and I started my racing career in go karts. And then in Formula cars, I raced Formula BMW, and we were the support race for f1 in 2007, in Montreal, and at Indy when they used to race there and like, we had our education and coaching program where we did track walks, and we were walking the track at the same time as Sir Lewis Hamilton and his engineers and it was like, Oh, my God, there he is. I think that was the first race that he won. Wow. Yeah, so like, really ingrained in like f1. For a long time, I had an epic crush on Giancarlo Fisichella for a long time, who's just an older racer, and stopped watching a lot in like the 2010s. I want to say when I went to college, and then when I moved to North Carolina, and was really embedded in NASCAR culture, and then I actually jumped into drive to survive. In season three, I had a hard time getting into season one, but I got into season three. And then my husband and I were like, oh my goodness, we need to pick up watching f1 Again, and really started with the 2021 season, which still is too soon to talk about for me because I am a big Lewis fan. So that's kind of like how I got into Formula One and for you, like so many people drive to survive was your intro. So can you share some of the details of how you got started? If one of you saw it and then talk to the other one? Because your friends obviously so what's your backstory? Fan Behavior 4:08 Yeah, so Well, Hannah and I met studying abroad in London almost 10 years ago. Yeah, 10 years this summer, which is crazy. We went to college together, but we're in different grades and and so yeah, we were it was fate that brought us together studying abroad. And we've always been fangirls at heart and that's obviously the nature of our show and what we do which is fangirling out about whatever it is that we love, and so stay friends over the years and then in February 2022 I decided some random day to watch I just survive only because they had announced like a month earlier that they were going to be making the tennis version of the show, which obviously we now know is breakpoint and I'm a big tennis fan. And so I honestly I heard of Drive to survive. I knew it was Popular I knew people liked it. I like had a very vague understanding of Formula One I knew who Lewis Hamilton was, but only from like, the pop culture perspective of Lewis Hamilton, not like the racer perspective of Lewis Hamilton. So really like no understanding at all. But I was like, You know what, I should watch this drive to survive so that I can get an idea of what the tennis show will be like, because do they go in chronological order? How do they cover the sport? Like I was just curious, I also work from home. So I always kind of like to have like a show on while I'm working or whatever. So really, what I'm like completely low stakes didn't think my wife was about to change, honestly. Yeah. And started watching it became obsessed right away. We're both people that like when we get into something, we go fully into it. So I watched the, I think at that point, there were three seasons out. So I watched all three seasons, then the fourth season dropped, and then the 2022 season started. So I like waltzed right into that season. And then yeah, probably a month after I watched it, I was out to dinner with Hannah. And I was like, you've got to watch this show drive to survive. You will love it. I know you I know what you're into, like you will have you will be become just as obsessed as I am. And she watched it. And sure enough, she she did. Oh, yeah. And, you know, I watched all the seasons and all four seasons in like two weeks or something. Yes. Very, very fast. Yeah. And we were really all or nothing. Oh, hard. Yeah, go hard. Yeah, at the time was so funny, and how it all kind of worked out is we had, we had planned to start a podcast called Fan behavior. That was each episode was going to be about like a different fandom. And so we fandoms that we were part of or that had guests on to talk about what they're into. And so we did like One Direction. Taylor Swift. We had a friend on that came on talk about Broadway, like she's a big Broadway fan. But what was funny is like we we launched that podcast right as he became fans of drive to survive. And we found very quickly that all we wanted to talk about was Formula One like it was. So we were doing like all these bonus episodes about Formula One, because it was like, not what our show was supposed to be about. But we were like, let's just do it anyway. And all of our like tiktok content and Instagram content was just f1 related. And so that was the audience that we were building up with just like an F f1 audience. And then probably about six months into doing our original fan behavior show, we were like, You know what we should pivot. And we should re rebrand the show and relaunch as an f1. Show. So we we launched officially as an f1 show of January of last year. So this is we're going into our second second season as an EF f1. Podcast. So that's that's kind of our journey to where we are today. Julia Landauer 7:43 That is so cool. And I'm going to come back to the kind of the original thought podcast with him because I listened to some of them and specific ones that we're going to chat about. So we'll grade from an f1 standpoint, when you're watching drive to survive both of you like like one I think Netflix does an incredible job with Docu series by were there specific storylines, or drivers or cinematic elements that really drew you in. Fan Behavior 8:11 Yeah, I mean, I think for me, so and I've said this before, but I you know, my family watches college basketball, and then we're Kansas City Chiefs fans. I don't I'm not a sports fan. I enjoy the camaraderie of sports, the community of sports, when there's big games on I watch them with people, but I haven't spent a lot of time dedicated to a sport. If the game is on, my family's watching it. I'll watch it too. But I don't necessarily turn it on by myself. Right? This was the first thing for me that I love a story. I really liked the backstory of it. We were both One Direction obsessed. And I think a lot of the, like the time of it. There was so much YouTube content, there was so much the documentary came out like you got to I didn't let start actually I forget about this. But I didn't start liking one direction until I saw the movie, like the documentary movie, because I just didn't really listen. Like I didn't really know. And then of course, I saw Harry Styles. And I was like, Where have I been. But there was something similar about that with the sport is first of all, you are kind of progressively learning about the sport as it's happening. So it's not like I turned on a race and felt I don't like feeling stupid, which is part of being a woman and that's cool. Love that we're working on that. But I don't like when I don't understand what's going on. And I you know, sometimes people aren't always that great about answering sports questions like when you ask a question about football, nine times out of 10 For me, it hasn't been explained in a way that made me understand it made me more confused. And then I was irritated. So I was like, okay, until so he taught me all about Julia Landauer 9:40 football. Well, good. You guys can teach me because I know. Yeah, so Fan Behavior 9:44 it was so I think that's a I kind of figured out the rules a little you know, you're slowly kind of figuring out how this thing works. And then you're also getting to learn about the drivers themselves kind of where they came from, what the stories are the drama of it all like that behind the scenes. means like we kind of say Real Housewives, you know, drama between the teams? I think because Formula One is so insular. There's only 20 drivers, only 10 teams, you get to learn about everybody and see who you like, you know what kind of storylines, what teams, you're supporting the principles, all of that. So, by the time the race is happening, you feel really involved and you feel like you know them. Whereas if I just turned on an f1 race, if I was with a friend or something I can, the only thing I'm seeing of them is their little picture, you know, the intro video, which I would have thought was so weird, if I had never known about them or the sport before. Yeah, the T post. I don't know, like, What the hell is this? And then, you know, you see their little photos and then you don't see it, their faces until the end, where they're either on the podium or they're weighing in and even then you don't even see all of them. So I think for me, it was like, I was rooting for these people. And they just happened to be driving cars, you know, and then I felt like I understood how that sport worked. And yeah, it was just kind of a perfect storm. Yeah, for for me, it was a bit different because I grew up a sports fan. I've been a sports fan my entire life, many different sports, football, soccer, basketball, I played sports, I love watching them like I've always been a diehard fan tennis as I've mentioned. So when I was trying to survive, I obviously loved the the competitive element of it. I loved the racing element of it that was so unique to me, because I hadn't I did not grew up a racing fan. No one in my family was into racing at all. Daniel Ricciardo was like the the gateway, we say he's the gateway drug and Formula One. And he he really, like, I mean, I, I don't know if I'm his biggest fan, but I'm certainly one of. And so I think Netflix knew what they were doing with with him. But for me, like more so with f1 as a whole, it was so unique to any other sport I'd ever encountered before, just again, with the size of bit, how small it is how interconnected everybody feels. I mean, it really feels like a family is all together just with how Julia Landauer 12:08 I had a little borderline incestuous. Fan Behavior 12:13 It's a little incestuous. Which which makes it interesting. And it makes it extremely unique. And and I think, again, I there's a personal element because yes, obviously you can root for the teams, but then you're also rooting for people drivers. And and when you get the backstory or you know who where they're from, and their family life or the struggles they've been through, you get a better sense of, and obviously we, you know, people say this all the time, like we know that to survive is not the full story. We know. It's just a piece of the puzzle, and that there's so much more to f1 than just a television show. It's It's funny, I feel like the like critique people have towards DTS fans is like, they act like that's the truth. Like that's everything that everyone has to offer. It's like we were smart enough to know that that's like just one part of the puzzle. But But you, you just you, you really become more invested in the whole package, especially again, as people who did not grow up. Knowing anyone who liked f1, or any sort of racing, no one in our lives was into it. It's like we needed the show to find the sport, otherwise, we would have never found it. Yeah, Julia Landauer 13:18 yeah. And to dive into something that you both said a little bit, I think one of the things that makes racing a little harder to jump into especially because you know, we, we put athletes on a pedestal and in most other sports, to your point, you can see their faces, you can see their body language, like you get this really intimate experience of seeing them master this craft that they're doing. Whereas in racing you physically like don't see them, you see their eyeballs, and that's about it. And not only do you not see the athlete kind of inaction but so much of the really precise, exceptionally difficult craft elements of racing and how you race a car, drive a car happen in in tiny little movements covered by a car. So you're not even seeing the like exertion since like f1 drivers in particular, you know, you're sitting down with your legs out, you're crunch really tightly into your seat belt, and you're just moving your arms a little bit. Whereas in other sports, you're like dancing all around and everything. And in NASCAR, it's just like this, too. So I think that makes it harder because it's it's not initially super obvious as to what makes the sport so challenging. Yeah, Fan Behavior 14:29 right. Yeah. And like we've we've heard that from like, people that we've talked to friends of ours who were not are not into f1. And they'll be like, are they really athletes like and I feel like now I'm like, I'm like, yeah, they're like, Yeah, you don't understand, you know, like, and but it's true. Like I don't think people do understand what is required of an f1 driver and how physically demanding it is and how difficult it is and the intricacies of the sport and, and also the mental part of it too. Like what they have to remember in regards to like what their engineers telling them what's on their steering wheel. What's happening in front of them? Like, there's so much going on. And it's so quick, it's so fast. I also think what's so unique the other sports don't have obviously, is the radio access and like be able to hear exactly what a right of what a driver is thinking, in the moment is so, so unique, you don't have that really in any other sport. And so I think that's super interesting. But you're right, like you don't get to see when someone runs very fast. You can see and like, wow, that's fast, or they make an amazing catch, or they shoot an amazing shot score an amazing goal. But you don't really get to see that enough when I guess unless it's like a really amazing overtake or something. You can be like, Oh, wow, that's, that's impressive. Julia Landauer 15:37 Yeah, for sure. But I think there's and, you know, or if there's a spectacular crash, or whatever it is right thing. I think that people can appreciate that. But then also, racing is really inaccessible as a child, right? Like, everyone grows up in gym class, you'll know you'll play a little bit of basketball, softball, right? Whatever that's worth, you have an idea of what kind of skills go into it. But the only thing that the average person can compare racing to is driving a streetcar. And we know it's so different than driving and it's so much more intense split second decisions, like it's really tough. But one more thing on the on the understanding the race craft. And I think it's something where you have to just dedicate time to learning a little bit like my husband was French had never seen like, knew what NASCAR was when he came to the US had never watched it, it had the reputation of just going around in circles. And then as he watched me doing it and learn the intricacies of how the lines are different, how that impacts, you know, the performance, like a new appreciation for just how technical it is. And so yeah, I think the I think the more and I think f1 broadcasts do a great job of this, but the more that we can kind of educate on the technical side of what the racing is, I think the better and the more accessible it will be to fans. Fan Behavior 16:51 Yeah, exactly. Like, Julia Landauer 16:54 we're going to take a quick break, but we will be back with Hannah and Zoey on if I'm honest with Julia Landauer. We're back on if I'm honest that Julia Landauer with Hannah and Zoe from fan behavior and f1 podcast, continuing on the sports documentary series. So I as I mentioned, I think that Netflix is really great at putting together a docu series. And if I'm honest, I'm really excited for the NASCAR one that me too. Yeah. Okay, cool. So I was gonna ask, do you think yeah, you're gonna tune into it? For sure. Fan Behavior 17:32 Because if so, I think for me, like I'm really interested in NASCAR. I'm really interested in like, learning more about it. And same with IndyCar. I IndyCar. I get it ish, but like, I'm still there's like qualifying super confusing to me. Like there's still pieces there. And then formula II. I'm also kind of curious about that. But when I saw the NASCAR one coming out, yeah, I'm just pumped because I've started watching race to the was it race to 500 I think was on peacock for the IndyCar it just again, that for me, it helps like I can't, I honestly won't be able to appreciate NASCAR in the way it deserves to be appreciated until I watched this Docu series. And that's just how I'm wired. Like, until like, I remember, we had the when we were studying abroad, we had the chance to go to Wimbledon. And I was just sitting there like, I'm at Wimbledon, this is really cool. I think it was Caroline Wozniacki's match. And I was like, I have no idea what's going on. And like, What a lame thing. And so I one of our friends had had the time, like you didn't always just have data on your phone. Like I had a Nokia brick phone to get around the UK. So I was like, Can you look up the rules, like I don't understand what's going on. And as soon as she did, I was like, I was so into it. You know, I'm doing the like watching the ball like everybody else and getting excited. And it's like until you understand what's going on and what the rules are. You're kind of just like, why am I was like, What am I doing here? Yeah, so. And yeah, NASCAR, I just feel like it's a whole other beast that I don't understand. And I do have more appreciation for it now than before. I was an f1 fan, but I still don't really like understand it. And I'm excited to understand it. Nice. Yeah, same. Yeah, for sure. Julia Landauer 19:16 Awesome. Yeah. Do you feel like you? And obviously now I'm coming at this from the place of working at NASCAR. So maybe a little bit of field research here. But do you? Like do you feel like you like you said that you knew Lewis Hamilton from a pop culture perspective, or just from a celebrity perspective? Do you feel like you know, any of the NASCAR drivers from that in that capacity besides like a Dale Jr? Yeah, Fan Behavior 19:40 I feel like I like did I feel like especially when we were younger, like the NASCAR like there's always cut it out of NASCAR drivers and like, gas station, you know, because they're always advertising like, HyVee Yeah. Or yeah, hyvee is a big one. But like, they're like m&ms, you know, like they just have really big American sponsorships, you know, but no, I don't feel like you know, there's names that I feel like I've heard now that I'm here, like, we're in the motorsports space. But before that I, you know, and I'm no, I mean, I guess the short answer is no, I'm trying to make myself sound more educated than I am but not really know. I think I think part of the NASCAR, I want to say like barrier to entry, but I think, I think, well, I've heard from other people who are into NASCAR or who watch it, they're like, Well, yeah, I mean, the driver has changed depending on the race and, and there's like, it's not as consistent, right as Formula One when it's like 24 races, 20 drivers, you know, it's it's very kind of like, cut and dry. And you know, what you're gonna get for every race. And I feel like there's more variables, perhaps in NASCAR, which maybe make it a little bit more daunting for people to get into. Yeah, I Julia Landauer 20:52 would say that the, you know, the top, we're talking about cup, like the top 20 drivers, I would say are all pretty consistent. But yeah, there's a lot more, there's a lot more ability to have part time racing. And so you will have like a handful of drivers that come in. So ya know, super interesting to hear because, again, like it's something that I've been deeply entrenched in for a long time. And so hearing right, outside perspective is super, super cool. Throwing it back a little bit to your Wimbledon when were you at Wimbledon? Fan Behavior 21:21 This summer of 2014 2014. Julia Landauer 21:24 Okay, because I got to go, I want to say summer of 28 2019, I guess as well. And it was incredible one it was so, so posh. Like, I wore full on heels and like had my stylist dress me like I need to look good at Wimbledon. Because yeah, one looks so elegant. And I'm also a very big tennis fan, we started playing a little bit and Oh, find a husband, I are super competitive and just with each other and trying to get better. And we just watched the Australian Open except for the finals because they were at 330 in the morning. Yeah, but really loved tennis, and just how, how insane it is that these athletes are going for that many hours and everything. So I also have recently become quite a fangirl of that. Yeah, and I Fan Behavior 22:09 think I think there's a lot of overlap, honestly, with f1. And with tennis, and that, like, it's such a global sport, like you play, there's tournaments all all across the world, you know, it's like it comes to you, rather than you having to go to it, which I think is really unique in that. And obviously the athletes that are involved are from everywhere you have your athletes, you know, tennis players from Europe, and from the States and from Asia and Australia, or wherever. And so like it's a real, it feels really global. I mean, obviously, there's lots of sports where there's players from from all over the world, but I think because it does, it's like a traveling circus, much like Formula One. It really like that global feel, I think is like much stronger than other sports. Yeah, Julia Landauer 22:54 no, that's a really good point. And the other thing I find really interesting about tennis, because like I think if you think of basketball players, you kind of there's a general build and like, strength profile. And what I find so interesting about tennis is obviously everyone's in incredible shape. And they're all exceptional athletes, but the build of each athlete is Yeah, different that Yep. Whether it's you know, women's or men's or it's just, it is truly incredible. And you realize how much technique is going in? And yeah, but I think that they're almost I mean, I think they're a lot like racecar drivers in a sense, like the the endurance element of it that you might not get in some other sports because they can be hours on end. Yeah, Fan Behavior 23:37 yeah, exactly. Like I feel like with tennis players, depending on what their strength is, like, maybe there are a power hitter. So like, they're gonna be a lot more strong, a lot more muscular. Other players are more like finesse style players, so they might be more lanky and long and lean. So it like it kind of all like, what's what's cool about it is that you can kind of like, depending on how tall you are, or how big you are, or whatever you can, like, find your strength in your like niche and I feel like Formula One or racing is sort of a similar thing. Like obviously, most of these drivers are smaller on the smaller end. You're not gonna have like a six five person trying to squeeze in though you might I don't know at some point, but they're gonna struggle. They're disruptive. Yeah, exactly. They're gonna be very, very thin. But I think I think that goes into it too. It's, it's like if you're on the smaller side like you can be a bit more strong and like muscular but if you're tall you're gonna have to be pretty lanky and long. I don't know it's just kind of interesting. Yeah. Julia Landauer 24:31 Yeah, no, I love that and I think it it's it's also so interesting when you like to your point like how realize how small a lot of these drivers are in the more like jockeys than other stuff and, like I think Jeff Gordon's, my height if not a little bit, a little bit taller, right? You got some outliers, but it's in from a from a mechanic's standpoint. The reason that's so important for anyone listening who might not know is because when you have these race cars, these machines usually there's a minimum wage and depends on sear. varies, but they're sometimes our minimum weights without the driver. And so the lighter the driver is, the more the the engineers can set up the car for optimal performance. Whereas you have a bigger driver, it's going to kind of limit some of that fine tuning you can do on the weights in the setup to then will have maybe a minor impact on performance, which just that level of engineering that like 15 pounds can make a big difference is Fan Behavior 25:24 great, right? Yeah. Julia Landauer 25:25 I've always loved the human machine interaction, and the fact that there is so much engineering that goes into into racing, and that's one area where I think especially on Formula cars, we are seeing a lot more women come into the engineering roles, and especially, there's a lot of visibility in f1, when you started watching, did you feel like there was a decent presence of women? Or is that something that you've also observed having grown more recently on the engineering side? I Fan Behavior 25:52 think, I mean, honestly, I don't think I really paid much attention to that, which like, now, I am bummed to say, but I think I was just so excited about the newness of it all that I didn't really pay a lot of but you know, to me, it was like this entertainment thing that I was excited about. And until I kind of got behind the curtain, so to speak, I didn't really start recognizing the Well, I mean, obviously knew it was important, but I don't think I started recognizing the lack of women. And then but certainly have started seeing like, that's when we are focusing on women. And just really excited to kind of see that change and have, you know, women be brought to brought forward a little bit more than they have. And, again, a huge way to go. Like, I feel like when we were talking about the at Kota was that one academy that, like only we really only saw Lewis there, and I just didn't really I mean, to me, it's just like, why aren't we making that part of the media day? You know what I mean? Like, why aren't we making it a bigger deal? This is really exciting. This is really great. I just feel like sometimes Lewis is the only one who's, you know, putting himself out there and like advocating for stuff like that, and I'm glad he is. But I don't think it's fair that it's rests on his shoulders. And I also think that, you know, the marketing teams at the other teams can do a little bit more to say, like, Hey, we're gonna go over how much time does it take you to just like, walk by and get some photos taken and like the impact that that could have is massive, and I just don't think they should look past doing stuff like that. As silly as it may seem, I think it could actually have a much larger impact than they maybe understand. Yeah, I think from my perspective, so like, I, as I said, like, I've been a sports fan, my whole life in a women's sports fan as well. So like, women in sports has always sort of been like a thing that I've cared about and have been passionate about and have thought a lot about and like, the viewership surrounding, like, women in sports and lack of sponsorship, lack of opportunities, all those sorts of things. And, and so I remember when I first started watching f1, I remember thinking to myself, especially when I would cut to scenes of the teams on the pit wall. I'm like, Wow, you really like see no women there. I mean, maybe you see one and a line of like six guys. Yeah, but that's maybe when you look at the pic cruise, it's like, okay, there's no women there. Like it was slightly jarring. I also thought it was so interesting to like, and this might be my own, like, sensitivity or something. But I even noticed when a driver would like do something when they would make your overtake or when they would get a win or something. They would always say, Let's go boys. Let's go got like, and I was always like, oh, like, okay, that's just, you know, and again, I don't know if they were thinking that much into it. And obviously, they maybe were maybe weren't, but it's like, wow, okay, that's, that's interesting, that there aren't even enough women, maybe on the team, for them to clock and think like, I should maybe also say, girls or, or whatever. So, I don't know. But I do like that the discussion is happening more I feel like more people are comfortable talking about it. I feel like, especially with this rise of creators in Formula One and women getting more comfortable talking about Formula One having a podcast, I think I mean, what's so crazy is when when we became fans, like the amount of f1 podcasts that have been created in the last handful of years is like grow. I mean, obviously it's still there's more room to grow. And we always say we get questions all the time, like people are always like, like, I want to start an f1 podcast, but I feel like it's oversaturated like I feel like there's too many women. i My thought is like no like, first of all we deserve like women, female fans deserve to have like the option of choice and to be able to decide like, not out of necessity, like oh, there's only one female one podcast so I have to listen to this one. It's like you can you should get to decide because we all have our opinions and tastes when it comes to podcasts. I don't like that host voice or we don't like their topics, which is, which is okay. And, and I hope that there is female fans who say, You know what, I'm not really into that one. But I had this one that I like. And I think that's great. And the more that come in, and we all have our own unique thoughts and feelings and opinions. And so anyway, as these podcasts, I think, continue to grow and evolve and women talk about it more, I think we're seeing we're seeing women be highlighted more within the Formula One teams. And I think there's more programs that have been started to encourage young girls to get into STEM programs at a young age and like to see that this is a potential path for them that they could go down this road if they if they want to. And it's not an impossible feat. Yeah, totally. Julia Landauer 30:47 I mean, you touched on, you both touched on so many gems, we could spend another hour going into that. But I think you know, something, and I don't know who originally said this, but this idea that privilege is invisible to those who have it, I think plays such a big, it's such a big underlying theme in representation in media. And I think if you if you are used to being represented, let's say if you're a white male who's used to being represented in literally everything, you're not what you may not quite appreciate the impact that seeing people who look like, you know, doing things make sense. And I think to your point of drivers going to the f1 Academy, like other f1 drivers going to f1 Academy and just showing that there is importance in being there. And that there is this ally ship, which I'm I think ally ship is so important. And yeah, and yeah, and it's showing that women belong there, too. Even if they've been there, if you can't see it, you can't be it. And I think that that's so critical. And you know, we're seeing, I think we're seeing it more in NASCAR as well with, you know, female pit crew, folks, and like tire changers, and just showing that, you know, and showing that, you know, it can might have to take a different type of work, you might have to train a different way, but you can get there too. And it's critical for little kids. And I even like, you know, going back to 2015, when I won a weekly Nascar Championship, I was in victory lane, and they invite the fans into victory lane to celebrate, especially kids, and there was like an 11 year old who, like didn't know that women could race because they just never seen it at their local track. And so I think some people might think that, you know, we take it for granted that, that we are women in the sport, but it's still it's still such a barrier to a lot of people and so 100% Yeah, and I love that. I love that we have more female content creators also, because something that I've heard is that, you know, there can be kind of a barrier in terms of trying to get educated about f1. And like, some guys can kind of look down or like act holier than thou when explaining I just think that's such a that's such an unfortunate thing. Because anytime that anyone is interested in learning about anything, you should want to foster that and want to help them and not like, like, raise your nose to what they're doing. It's just kind of disappointing to hear at this point. Fan Behavior 33:01 Yeah, I mean, I feel like we kind of have a we joke about it, because I think it's ridiculous. But so many people view the fact that we got in. And when I say people I do mostly mean men, but view like the DTS fan as like an insult or like being a derogatory thing. I am helping your sport stay relevant because this amazing documentary came out. And if you have beef with that, then you can have beef with Netflix, like I don't know how to help you and epsilon because they agreed to do it with Yeah, I mean, your sport was struggling now it isn't. And you're mad because I'm here, like, I'm sorry, I don't know what you want from me. Like, I'm just trying to understand. And I also feel like if I'm coming into your turf, don't you want me to understand? Like, don't you want me to be knowledgeable so that I'm not spewing nonsense as people have said to us before? And we've set it to like, the duality of women is that yeah, Carlos signs is beautiful, and his hair is amazing. And also I can understand what happened when he was saying, like keeping Lando and Dr. Erica, I understand what he's doing and I also understand that his hair's the eighth world or wonder of the world and like that's okay that both things are true. And I don't know it's just this always this negativity of like, Oh, you just think they're hot. I'm like, do you not I mean, have you looked at them like oh, no, it's not my fault that they have good genetics and they drive cars that I'm not interested in I don't Yeah, yeah. Well anyway Well, I I also was gonna say to like I feel like when I became when we became fans like it was hard to find people who just were fans with we are fans and as she mentioned like that that enjoy it for many different reasons for the racing for the off track stuff for the YouTube content or and like to have fun and like to not take it so seriously because at the end of the day, like If it is entertainment, it's meant to be enjoyed. It's meant to, you're meant to have fun with it. And, and we're not experts, we're we're fans who never claim to be experts where if, if you want an expert talking about Formula One, there's plenty of people that you can listen to. And what we found, I think, through starting our podcast, and I'm sure what for other female f1 podcast to, like, lots of people reach out to us and say, like, I, you know, I don't have anyone in my life who likes f1 that the way that we do and that, like, I feel like I have a friend that I'm hanging out with when I listen. And I think that's what's important too is like, being able to, to find the people that connect with the sport, the way that you connect with the sport. And, and to have those those different options because as you said, when you first get in, it's like, there's a lot of just like, very intricate, very specific. Talk about the sport that like if you're a new fan, you're it's gonna be like way over your head. And we always say like, whether you're day one first first day watching Doctor survivor first f1 race, or you've been a fan for your whole life, like we hope that what we do is for you and that you feel you feel seen with what we put out and that everyone is welcome to come regardless of if you know what trs stands for. Or you don't it's okay. Yeah, yeah, Julia Landauer 36:21 I love that. And I'll admit, like one of the things that I first really loved about your content when I stumbled across it on into on Instagram was like, yeah, the appreciation for the aesthetics of our some of our drivers. Not everyone, not everyone is not just on the f1 grits, correct. But, you know, I just love that there's like, it really felt to me like we could banter as buddies and as friends and just Yeah, touch on those little things that you know, we can have a total appreciation for the sport and also acknowledge Carlos his hair, which is Fan Behavior 36:52 well if it's also like the f1 teams Ferrari like they play into it, too. Like, oh, yeah, when sharing ice bath video, that's it's so funny. Like, we are the ones that get all the flack, but it's like, you're posted, like she's doing a tiktok with the green screen and ice bath video that Ferrari posted. So like, right, if you're mad that you're not the person that we're posting about, but like, they put the content outside like we took these pictures? Yeah, from the bushes and are putting them on the internet. Right? We're merely common commenting on, you know, the artwork that they put up? I don't know. It's yeah, it's just very, it's very funny. Julia Landauer 37:27 It's very funny, especially like, I think what people don't appreciate also, at least I say this as, you know, an American like our, I don't know, Europeans just have a little Janessa quoi about them, you know? And so there's this added element of interest, I think. And, yeah, so I just, I really appreciate it that we're gonna take a quick break, but we'll be right back with Hannah and Zoe. We're back with Hannah and Zoe. And if I'm honest with Julia land Landauer. So we were just talking about how being able to discuss multiple elements of athleticism or f1. Racing, whether it's the on track stuff, or the attractiveness of some of the drivers or, or even some of the things we're doing off track. And it reminded me of, you know, I'm from New York, I went to college, I am not a typical racer. And I remember from an early age, really enjoying the media side of it. I really love the fan interactions. Like I love the community building. And I remember kind of, at some point, there was a an established racer, who said that he was a lot older, and he said, like, I hate all that stuff. Like, you're not a real racer, if you're not just thinking about the racing. And I remember feeling very turned off by that and also kind of conflicted because he was an established figure in the sport. And I was like, Well, shit, if he's saying that a real racer doesn't enjoy the off track stuff. And especially as a woman, where I've like, was always so desperate to prove that I was a real racer. And you know, we have these uphill battles of preconceived notions against women in racing, especially in the 2000s 2010s and all that. And so I felt really conflicted. And it was actually watching the Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy, where I don't know exactly what she said. And I tried to go find it. I couldn't find the exact moment but something in her sentiment was like, you know, I don't I can do music my way. I don't have to be the bombshell. I don't have to be the classic. I can do this my way. And I can do it really, really well. And I remember I was on a plane to over race and the Canaan West series at the time, it was like, Oh, my God, this is so liberating to kind of realize that we can do it our own way. And so I think that, I think that's kind of in general, I think women are kind of going through a movement of embracing that because I don't feel like there's as much external pressure to fit inside a specific box or to prove ourselves because we are multifaceted and multi dimensional, and I think it's beautiful. Yeah, yeah. And Fan Behavior 40:01 I think I think, you know, I've gotten to the place, certainly with people who comment things on our posts or whatever, where it's like, I genuinely it does not bother me, it does not get me down. And I feel like as to your point, like, if if we're doing what's truthful to who we are, and like, what we connect with, and what we enjoy, and we obviously, like, we want to be respectful. We don't want to cross the lines, you don't want to, you know, all that kind of stuff. But if we're doing what we what we love, and talking about what we enjoy, and what just yeah, what what is truthful to us, like, it's gonna work for some people, and it won't work for other people. And that that is okay. We're, we are not for everybody. And we shouldn't be for everybody, frankly, because, you know, then you're kind of saying, oh, yeah, yeah, and so and so I feel more than okay, when people are not into what we do, or it's not for them, because that's more than okay. But we do feel like, as long as one person feels something from what we do, or feels less alone, or feels, laughs or enjoys the content we put out or whatever, that's all that really matters at the end of the day. And you know, they're still engaging with our content, even if it's negative. So, you know, we just we say, Thank you for your engagement. You can see yourself out now. Exactly. Julia Landauer 41:17 I love that with the others. I don't have a whole bunch of haters on my social media. So I do definitely like, I feel the sting when it's something negative, because I just don't have very much of it. I don't have a huge following. But there's one guy who just like, kept, kept going in on like, crashing and all this stuff. And I just had to remind myself, you're driving engagement, you're driving engagement. Yeah, fantastic. So you had mentioned that, you know, your content shouldn't be for everyone. I always think like, I don't like everybody. So therefore, I should not expect everyone to like me. And, to quote Miss Taylor Swift, a friend to all is a friend to none, which is going to be my segue into kind of away from racing into more pop culture. Let's get into myself. Oh, my god. That was very good. Thank you. No, so Taylor Swift, Kansas City. I'm not a football fan. So can I lean on you to share your emotions and feelings right now? Yeah, Fan Behavior 42:16 I mean, do you want to share yours or so I came into this relationship of theirs with a lot of conflict. As we discussed at the beginning, right there as we mean, we should say Taylor Swift to Travis Kelce. I am delusional, which is how we make this work, you know? Exactly. And I genuinely believed somewhere deep down and I'm not I haven't stopped believing it. It's just a little less aggressive that if Travis and I met, we would fall in love. And so and so you can imagine my dismay, when he met and fell in love with Taylor Swift because now I'm for sure off the radar. Julia Landauer 42:58 But you never know. Never say never. That's fair. Justin Fan Behavior 43:01 Bieber did teach us that, but it's just it feels so much further out of reach now than it ever has. I have gotten better. I feel more like at the beginning, it was pretty visceral. Like, I was like, kind of nauseous. Like I was seeing, like my ex boyfriend with the popular girl or something. And I was like, happy for them both. But also really sad, which is, you know, when you like, have a dream, and you wake up and you like, still sort of have feelings for that's how it felt. I was like, but I but I love him. What are you doing? That's mostly subsided now because she's there just together all the time. And it's so fun. Like, I'm so excited that she picked our team. And that Travis plays for our team. It wouldn't be nearly as interesting if it was right. For us. I think it would be pretty bored if it was a different solubles. Yeah, I so I've been a Taylor Swift Fan. Since I were like, half my life. I like been obsessed with her for a very, very long time. So still, I She's always been one of my like, favorite. Probably the most favorite artists of my lifetime, but also just like as a celebrity. And so when the rumors first started coming up about them being together, I was like, Oh, my god is this. I was a little bit like, I don't know if this is true or not. But then, I mean, that day that she showed up to the very first game, it was great. It was a life changing day, it was probably maybe one of the best days of my life. It wasn't it wasn't the best day of my life and one of the Julia Landauer 44:31 worst days of your life. But for Fan Behavior 44:34 Hannah, it was it was devastating. But um, but no, it was it was so what I love about it so much is like, my mom is super invested in it. My dad is invested in it. Like, you know, being in Kansas City. It's obviously like, I think much more personal for people that are here because it feels like it's it feels like our royal couple. It's like this is so exciting. And I mean, yeah, so it feels so I feel so much more connected. to it because of that, but honestly, I I love how invested she is in the game how much he seems to care about. Not just Travis but like the Chiefs as a whole and like celebrating all the players and she seems very engaged with what's going on on the field. And I don't know it's just been really, really fun. And I was never a big fan of her previous boyfriend Joe Alwyn I just thought I thought I'm kind of a little boring. She she made great music, great music Yeah, with him, but I was it was never I was like, not, not that it matters. But I think of her relationship, obviously. But so now that she's the Travis I'm like, Oh, wow, this is exciting. Like, what's she going to write? What songs is she going to come up with? Julia Landauer 45:43 We're projecting ahead. Totally. Fan Behavior 45:45 I cannot wait for all all of that. So yeah, it's but I can also understand if you're not from Kansas City, how you can be like, God Kansas City, you know, the chiefs are great yea. Yeah. And they get Taylor Swift. Yeah, this is not this is not fair. But it's funny too, because Taylor so the town we live in. While that I live in we it was where the University of Kansas is, which is where her best friend Abigail went to school. So Taylor has like been to Lawrence, she talks about Lawrence. Now she's gonna maybe live part time in Kansas City. So I think the next step is that we're just going to all hang out with you. I'm really excited. Julia Landauer 46:19 I get an invite, please. So I'm a die hard. swishy. And yeah, Fan Behavior 46:25 I forgot to add to we were at the concert that Travis was at when Job Yeah, so we feel even more connected. Because where we were sitting was really close to like, the tent where like, VIPs would come out and sit like, but the only person that I saw in there was her mom, she was there for a little while. And I just kept looking to see if like, you know, because I mean, we're at the, you know, Arrowhead Stadium. I kept looking to see if Patrick would be there or Brittany or Travis or whatever. Literally thinking nothing of any. I guess that rumors had like sort of started a little bit maybe I don't think it was okay. Yeah, I didn't know for sure. So you chatter Julia Landauer 47:01 you've been in this while we were there as long as they have. So yeah, we have Fan Behavior 47:04 the same energy that was put out that night, so I don't know what we'll do with it. But I'm excited. Yeah, it's a very exciting feeling. Julia Landauer 47:11 It's excited I agree with your point though of like, I love and get Yes, someone's private life is none of my business whatsoever. But I love how openly they are like yes cheering for each other. Like I guess what a relationship should be. I do with my husband. He does with me. Like we should be the loudest biggest cheerleaders and I just love that she's embracing that and that he's embracing that and yeah, the happiness is real. I was little I was surprised I don't deal with cold very well. So some of the outfits she wore I'm like you need to bundle up girl because it's gonna be cold there. But ya know, she's one of the people I haven't found gold about a ton of people but Taylor Swift is one that has been a lifelong basically. fan girl situation. The other has been Mary Kate and Ashley. And so I listen to your Mary Kate and Ashley. Fan behavior Fan Behavior 48:03 pie. That is a throwback. That is a throwback. Julia Landauer 48:06 Oh yeah. But like they were the first. I mean, I've don't remember a time when I wasn't obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley And fun fact I saw Ashley in a restaurant on Theater Row in New York before a Broadway show with my godmother I was like amazing. You'll actually also know I was Mary Kate was always my favorite but you know really close second no and Mary Kate was mine who was yours? Fan Behavior 48:28 I was a Mary-Kate I'm an Ashley nationally which is funny because I love I paint was my favorite color growing up and I feel like that was more associated with Ashley and like, I believe it was Mary-Kate was like a Tom tomboy and I played sports and stuff growing up so like I identified more with that, I guess. But yeah, it's a tomboy so she couldn't wear paint. Yeah, it would be so easy to lose for boys. Julia Landauer 48:53 Too much. Yeah, and there's also there's a I do follow a fan account called OlsenOracle on Instagram is run by a woman Alyse I think it's her name. And she posted this selfie of I guess Mary-Kate and Ashley wishing someone a happy birthday and Mary Kate at one point says I hope it's super magical. And so this account owner created super magical baseball caps which I may or may not have ordered one and yeah, I'm I'm thrilled but yeah, so those two are like kind of the biggest ones that I've fangirl over. And I Fan Behavior 49:23 asked you what your favorite miracle and actually movie was? It's a fantastic Julia Landauer 49:28 question. So I was always a Passport to Paris girlie. Oh my god I was so foreshadowing since I married a French man. I'm so true. So true. We're gonna talk about this later. No, always a passport to Paris. I loved it takes to I watched all of the you know made for them movie. I think you guys were talking about your podcasts like it's so interesting that they were these huge movie stars without being like movie stars in the traditional sense because all these rights were made specifically for them. But I would say I'm just doing quick inventory. I would say passwords or Paris was my favorite. But I always love seeing cameos that they did because wasn't Mary Kate in was she in an episode of weeds I want to say Oh, as a hunter Parrish was another person I had a big crush on. Fan Behavior 50:18 Oh yeah. Okay, I know 100 He also he's 17 Again, the bully Julia Landauer 50:23 sidebar. He also was in Spring Awakening on Broadway after I think it was after Lea Michele was in it, but he gets naked on stage. So anyway. Yeah, so they think they did that. So yeah, what about yours? Well, Fan Behavior 50:37 it's funny you said that it's for shadowing because my favorite was our lips are sealed and she loves us and Daniel Ricciardo Yeah, exactly. Yeah, that was my favorite and I also loved holiday in the sun. I did love passport love Paris holiday in the sun. That's my favorite which I guess screws me because I don't want Jordan or what the other ones name? I don't remember. He's such a tweet. I also liked switching goals because I played soccer growing up so that's also a banger like when she puts the orange juice in the bag of Cheerios and shakes it up like there's just it's just so good Yeah, and Julia Landauer 51:14 you mentioned billboard dad on on your episode I like had completely completely and utterly forgotten about that and yeah also like I was very into so little time there TV show me Fan Behavior 51:26 to my head blurry and like you know, I mean they really did it all and I feel bad because I think they really wore themselves out choice but I mean the scene and holiday in the sun where they're getting on a private jet with Jonah he will have doesn't have Krispy Kreme that are definitely dress warm to like. Yeah, I was always wanted that for my dad. So Julia Landauer 51:48 beautiful. Yeah. Yeah. Fan Behavior 51:50 They didn't want to go though, because yeah. Free antiquities chill out. You have no idea what's ahead of you. Julia Landauer 51:57 Yeah, so great. And so like, totally unrealistic when you think so many things are so unrealistic, but okay. Yeah, no, I loved it. And like, I mean, I loved when they came out with their clothing line, Elizabeth and James Kohl's, my tan, early winter jacket that I wears from them. And one day, maybe I will be able to afford the row because that's like, it's Fan Behavior 52:21 a great line. Ultimate goal, right? Yeah, yeah. Taylor Swift wears a lot of stuff from the row. She's a clean lead to a lot of money. Its energy. Julia Landauer 52:31 Yeah. So one day, we should all be dreaming so that we're gonna bring it back to f1 real quick. And I want to see if you guys have any high level predictions for the 2024 season, maybe like one thing each. Fan Behavior 52:46 High level prediction. Okay, I'm gonna predict that Lando Norris will get his first win this season. I just I think. I think it's coming. I think McLaren will be in a good position this year. And I think he will he'll finally do it. Yeah. I think Max is gonna win. That's not what I'll lock in. I really, really, I don't know if it's a prediction as much as a desire, but I want to see Alex Albon on a podium like desperately he I think deserves it. He's driving so well. I think Williams as an organization deserves something like that. And I just would love to see it. I feel like it's a little bit far off far fetched, but you're gonna you know, if Taylor Swift can come to our town and date our tight end. Let's call him wide receiver again. Then Alex Albon can get on a podium. I love to hear things have happened. Right? Julia Landauer 53:38 Totally. And he's been close enough to like, it could be a thing. Yeah, I would say I don't have I don't want to give a prediction. But also hope or desire would be that more of the races have more people, hopefully fighting for the win, but if not at least fighting for second, third, fourth, like, forget which race it was last year, but it was like, oh my god, there were four cars involved. I think it might have been, I don't remember, but there was Singapore. It might have Singapore and for I'm also vaguely remembering maybe it was also like France a few years ago but like for people racing for second place. And it's like I think George Russell overshot the brake zone and like there was something like Oh, Singapore just so good. It's like even when you just get that I think that Yeah, amazing. Yeah, I Fan Behavior 54:19 just want more competition like I just for just in general like it's it's hard like Max is gonna do it Max is gonna do and that's great and good for him. But I don't know it just it can be hard to watch when there's when we're watching the fight for 17th You know when a lot yeah, I'm like okay, but respectfully, guys, no one's getting points for this. So this is really the best you cry on the credit right now. Like, yeah, this is what we have to do. So yeah, Julia Landauer 54:46 yeah. No, and I always like when people ask me if I like road courses or ovals better like when it comes to technically driving a car. I think road courses are more exciting, and there's a lot more going on elevation change different types of corners, but when it comes to racing and the art racing, the craft of racing. I think ovals can be a lot more exciting in that sense. Because you do you do have the ability for side by side racing for so long and like little things that you that can get in the way and you just have more racing action, although it's a very specific type and everything. Yeah, there's a lot more of it. So yeah, no, I think let's let's circle back and we'll see if our predictions and hopes and dreams came true. Yeah. But now we are going to end on the if you're honest segment and this is an f1 edition. All right. Love it. First question. Who is your favorite current f1 driver? Fan Behavior 55:35 Max Verstappen. Daniel Ricciardo. Oh, my goodness. Okay, shocker. I know. It's so such a surprise. Julia Landauer 55:41 I knew Daniel was gonna be the didn't know Max was gonna be yours. Yeah, Fan Behavior 55:45 that one that's kind of weirds people out at midday. Oh, Julia Landauer 55:50 fun story. When I raced in the European NASCAR series in 2020. My team owner was Max's uncle. So Oh, really? Yeah. So I had to try to find like, cuz I'm a big Lewis fan. So, but that's okay. A little bit of bittersweet moment. Who is your favorite? f1 team principal. Fan Behavior 56:10 I mean, ToTo Wolf. Yeah, for me. But same but also I really am sad about Geunther and we have to give a shout out to Omar to Otmar Szafnauer. We did not or at least I did not appreciate Omar until he was gone. And that is so horrendous on my part. Like, I will not appreciate what we had. And now he's gone. And I am so pissed. Julia Landauer 56:33 I know that one. That one was heartbreaking. That and Geunther were heartbreaking but at least now you appreciate a lot more. Yeah. Fan Behavior 56:40 And hey selfies or selfies are for Geunther to make a cameo on one of his. That's the next the next Julia Landauer 56:46 step for anyone who doesn't know, more takes these selfies that are just like prime, like middle aged dad selfie. Oh, good. But he gets his whole face in the picture. So that's great. Smile. Fantastic. Okay. Which f1 driver do you think is likely to have the most DNFs in 2024? Fan Behavior 57:08 Well, we did say in our predictions episode that we the the engine that we trust the least is the Alpine engine. Yeah. Renault engine so I was gonna say I'm gonna say Esteban, that's fine. I would prefer I mean, no disrespect to them but but also helping their chiefs. That's game now. That's true. It's not how that works. But anyway. So yeah, different team. Pick a different team just to spice it up. Yeah. Most DNF boss. I'm really I'm really worried about them. Julia Landauer 57:43 I'm a little worried about them, too. Okay, what this is gonna be a battle of the Finnish f1 drivers, Valtteri Bottas or Kimi Raikkonen. me Fan Behavior 57:54 so I think also probably kill me but I feel really gypped because I only know Kimi from drivers survive. I did not get to experience Kimi when he was actually in the car and that I feel disappointed by. But what I have seen Kimi Kimi Julia Landauer 58:13 gives no shits whatsoever. Yeah, we Fan Behavior 58:16 love it. We love to see it. It's so beautiful. Julia Landauer 58:17 But like recently, Bottas is here Fan Behavior 58:21 either. Yeah. Speaking of I don't know what's with this town. But voucher Botox also comes to our to has come to our town in the last two years for one of his bike races. Yeah. So I don't know what's in the water here. But something Julia Landauer 58:35 something special. And then the last, if you're honest, what is something that you're each grateful for right now? Oh, Fan Behavior 58:42 great question. Well, to keep it in the me this is obviously like, not friends and family and all that stuff, too. You know, they're great. Yeah. So you know, we're getting ready while we're recording. By the time this comes out. This will be passed, but the Chiefs played a playoff game tonight. Taylor Swift hopefully be there. And this might be the last Taylor Swift appearance if the Chiefs don't win, you know, who knows? But I want to circle back and say I am very thankful that we had the Taylor Swift. The taylor swift response in Kansas City. This was a it was a real it was just, it really was fun to fill up the offseason. Yeah. And I really enjoyed it too. And so I am grateful for Taylor Swift's presence in Kansas City. Yeah, I am grateful. As cheesy as it sounds just like the little like obviously we're coming up on 10 years of friendship and like to be here is crazy. And we started out like the first time we met. She was like, I had taken a picture with this band that we were both into and anyway, we just kind of our friendship started because of being fan girls essentially and you know upbeat being put in the same place at the same time. But that whole summer like I wasn't, we hadn't did like an internship thing. And I was at this PR company that did cars. And I was like, why am I here? Two of the women that I worked for are now two women that work in f1 in some capacity, and if you would have told me that I like just, there was clearly seeds planted 10 years ago, just to be yes, Taylor Swift and this was during spring. So I don't know, it's just kind of, I think, when you are kind of like, what the hell's going on, and then you sort of see how everything's falling into place. It's, I don't know, it's cool. So, and I should also say, I'm very, I'm very grateful. And I know, Hannah's to for, like, the audience that we were able to foster with what we do, and like the people that I've gotten to meet and interact with, and like that is really, really, really special. And we couldn't have, I mean, if you would have told us two and a half years ago, like you guys are gonna have an f1 podcast, I would have been like, what do you like? How are you about a car? Yeah, we have been like, what are you like, we would have been so confused. And so to see how it's all kind of Yeah, happy if you would tell me I was gonna have a sports podcast, I would have been like, you're insane. I'm a pop culture girly, but then drive to survive merged my world. Yeah, here we are. Yeah. Julia Landauer 1:01:13 Life changes. Yeah. And I think that kind of, you know, says a lot to you guys. And like the openness and just the I feel like taking blinders off and the curiosity you clearly have and I love the cadence that you guys have in terms of telling these stories and on your podcast and on your content. So I will link all of these in the description. But where should our lovely listeners find you? Fan Behavior 1:01:36 Want me to tell 'em? Yeah, sure. Okay, so we're on Instagram and TikTok at @fanbehaviorf1pod. Active on both accounts, you probably post more on tiktok, but there's some overlap there. You can find our podcast wherever you find your podcasts, Apple, Spotify, etc. Fan behavior and f1 podcasts. We're also on YouTube or making a big YouTube push. So you can find us therapy and behavior f1 podcast, and episodes come out Mondays, which hopefully we changed that up because we want to be more like right after an f1 race so people can get the episode ASAP. And yeah, we're just we like to have fun. Yeah, such as on Instagram. We're always responding to people in the DM. So if you want to chat about Formula One, or if you have questions or whatever, like, please ask away. And then you know, more people that get into it, and find us, the better I do anything else that I forgot anything? I don't think so. No. Okay, great. Great. That is Julia Landauer 1:02:36 our show, Zoe and Hannah. Thank you so much for joining me everyone. Go listen to fan behavior and f1 podcast, follow them on social media. If you liked this episode, please share it with a friend leave a review rating. And thank you for letting us be honest with you and I look forward to seeing you next week.