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Can Nice Girls Win (Races)?

In navigating the male-dominated field of racing, Julia Landauer began recognizing and grappling with stereotypes and negative assumptions about women at the early age of 10. And while she has had plenty of bad experiences, Julia has harnessed her ability to educate those she works with to overcome team biases. Using a vulnerable narrative, Julia shares several of her most impactful experiences, offers techniques she uses to unite her teams, and discusses the importance of male allies and intentional leadership.


Drive: How to Gain and Maintain a Competitive Advantage

In her 19-year racing career, Julia Landauer has discovered a lot of keys to finding success, both personally and professionally. Through energetic, entertaining, and vulnerable stories from her life experiences, Julia encourages her audience to take ownership of every aspect of their lives to be their best. Discussing topics such as self-awareness, effective teamwork, fear management, and being your own cheerleader, Julia gives her insights into how we can master ourselves and our habits to stay one step ahead.


Marrying Passion and STEM

Julia loves that racing is a STEM-centric sport, requiring athletic prowess and technological literacy to be successful. She also appreciates how our ever-evolving world requires each of us to have an understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to truly reach our potential. Through a personal narrative, Julia discusses the importance of STEM literacy (regardless of what industry you’re in), techniques for how to use technology to create innovative practice, and how understanding the biology of fear can help us approach things that scare us with confidence.


"Her story is captivating, motivating and exciting and she delivers it in a very authentic way. Her ability to grab the attention of all the people in the room was awesome to watch."

- Corina, Director at The Zillow Group

“Julia was a fantastic speaker at our client event....She is witty and honest and has an incredible ability to be both powerfully impressive and totally relatable. I would definitely recommend Julia for any speaking engagement.”

- Marsha Lewis, Marketing Lead, Accenture

“By all accounts, [Julia’s] remarks were both timely and energizing. [Her] experience with NASCAR, including the obstacles that [she] overcame to achieve such success in a male-dominated industry, is truly inspiring.”

- Steven H. Kaplan, Ph.D, President of the University of New Haven

"I can say, as an attendee, the virtual keynote was amazing. The whole sales team is still talking about it, and will be doing that for a long time!"

- Kelly, attendee at Sana

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